Laser Tag Tactics and Strategy

Go-Go-Go will be the first sound you’ll hear when you start playing laser tag. It’s the standard sound of you laser tag gun after game starts. If you don’t know your strategy and tactics before you hear this sound you will loose.

So lets talk about Laser Tag Scenarios and tactics here in our laser tag blog.
You main goal in military laser tag is to engage and defeat an enemy team in game battle. That’s why before going to tactics you need to have overall strategy of the upcoming game or simply you need to have a plan how will you employ your forces.
In most cases in your team have the following types of gunners:
– snipers
– stormtroopers
– machine gunners
and all of them will have various roles in various scenarios.

Laser tag tactics includes the ways of
– using obstacles and defences
– using natural cover,
– using heights
– skirmishing
– working on flanks
– making ambushes

All of these is also differs in different scenarios

Scenarios and tactics:
Laser Tag Assault Scenario: most effective tactics for Offensive team
Laser Tag Assault Scenario: most effective tactics for Defensive team